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D&M Real Estate Management LLC is a full-service property management company specializing in the management of condominium associations, cooperatives, and investor owned multi-family and mixed-use properties.

D&M prides itself on delivering the highest level of service and value to its clients by recognizing the uniqueness of each property and carefully tailoring a management program to an association’s or owner’s needs and budget.

Alive and Going Strong

It’s been a while, but I’m finally taking a minute to post something here.  A perspective client recently told me that they weren’t sure if we were still around because our last website post was from 2013.  Well, we are still here and going strong.  We have been growing at an unbelievable rate, mostly by the referrals of our existing clients.  So thank you to all of our wonderful clients for that.

We are looking forward to working with more great condo associations in 2015!

Madison on the Park Condo

York277On January 1, 2013, DMREM began managing the Madison on the Park Condo Association, an historic 11-unit condo building located at 277 York Street in the Van Vorst Park neighborhood of downtown Jersey City.

The owners called on DMREM when their previous management company fell short of expectations after Hurricane Sandy.  The building sustained quite a bit of damage from the storm, which hit at the end of October 2012, but had barely made any recovery by the time we took over.

We’re happy to say that things are finally getting back to normal.

Facade Work Keeps Out the Elements

Facade_webWe’re currently project managing facade repair work at one of our Jersey City Heights condo buildings.  After years of dealing with water stained walls & ceilings and water puddling on the window sills every time it rained or snowed, the owners finally challenged us to try to determine where the water was coming from.  After a thorough investigation we thought we figured out the problem.

We identified 3 major structural deficiencies that were contributing to the leaking. The first was the front parapet wall.  The top of the front wall, which is covered by a number of capstones, had large cracks and joints

Cleaning Up After Sandy

Mercer_webThere’s no other way to say it…Sandy was a real capital B-I-T-C-H!  She was the most devastating storm the tri-state area has seen in the past 100 years.  And she made sure she left her mark on Jersey City, Hoboken, NYC, and the other boroughs.

Unfortunately, some of DMREM’s clients in downtown Jersey City were hit pretty hard.  Pictured above is a 3 unit building that we manage on Mercer Street, opposite City Hall, that got hammered.  During the storm, tenants say the water was flowing in the street like a river.  The water level reached the side view mirrors of most mid-sized cars parked on the street.

Fire Escape Refurbishment

FireEscape_webFire Escapes are very important building components that are often neglected.  In the state of NJ, that won’t be the case for much longer.  There is a statewide mandate for municipalities to regularly inspect and certify these all important, life-saving structures.

In Jersey City, the Fire Department has an initiative to have every fire escape inspected within the next 3 years.  What does this mean for property owners?  It means that you better pay close attention to the maintenance of your fire escapes, because if you don’t it could get very costly.

DMREM takes on Trolley House Lofts

TrolleyHouseLoftsD&M Real Estate Management is proud to announce the acquisition of its newest client, the Trolley House Lofts: a new 20-unit, luxury condominium development located at 325 Palisade Avenue in Jersey City Heights.

Condo Bathroom Renovation

Kennedy Bath 1AHere are some photos of a complete bathroom renovation that we did in a condo building in Jersey City.  The bathroom was gutted down to the four walls and floor.  The  shower walls were removed and replaced with Hardibacker Board; the shower body was replaced; a new self-leveling underlayment was poured to re-inforce the subfloor, the drywall was skim-coated with compound, and a combination of beautiful 12×12 and 3×6 (subway) Grecian White Marble tiles were used to finish everything.  Of course, a new toilet, vanity, medicine cabinet, and lighting were installed.  The only thing that was salvaged was the bathtub, which was reglazed.


DMREM Lands Hamilton Town Condo’s

Hamilton_webDMREM is happy to announce that it has taken on the Hamilton Town Condominium, a 22-unit condo building on Tenth Street in Hamilton Park neighborhood of downtown Jersey City.

This condo was one of the first conversion projects of the early 1980’s.  Three middle-aged real estate developers had a vision for the run down, drug-laiden, Hamilton Park neighborhood.  They decided to start by adjoining three borded up apartment houses to create the project.

It boasts 5 floors serviced by an elevator, a backyard for common use, and a basement  with laundry facilities and storage for bicycles and

306 Second Street Condo

Second_webThe 306 Second Street Condominium Association signed a management agreement with D&M Real Estate Management in March of 2009.  Although the founders of D&M have been managing their own properties for almost a decade, this was their first paying client.

This 9-unit condo building was converted from an apartment building in 1987 and then abandoned in the early nineties after a number of owners went into foreclosure.  A local developer bought the parcel from the city, did a gut rehab, and sold out by the end of 2006.  From 2007 to 2009 the building was managed by a Hoboken-based property manager.