Condo Bathroom Renovation

Kennedy Bath 1AHere are some photos of a complete bathroom renovation that we did in a condo building in Jersey City.  The bathroom was gutted down to the four walls and floor.  The  shower walls were removed and replaced with Hardibacker Board; the shower body was replaced; a new self-leveling underlayment was poured to re-inforce the subfloor, the drywall was skim-coated with compound, and a combination of beautiful 12×12 and 3×6 (subway) Grecian White Marble tiles were used to finish everything.  Of course, a new toilet, vanity, medicine cabinet, and lighting were installed.  The only thing that was salvaged was the bathtub, which was reglazed.


Kennedy Bath 2BKennedy Bath 2AKennedy Bath 1BKennedy Bath 1AKennedy Bath 3BKennedy Bath 3AKennedy Bath 7AKennedy Bath 5BKennedy Bath 5AKennedy Bath 6AKennedy Bath 4AKennedy Bath Detail 2Kennedy Bath Detail 3

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