Cleaning Up After Sandy

Mercer_webThere’s no other way to say it…Sandy was a real capital B-I-T-C-H!  She was the most devastating storm the tri-state area has seen in the past 100 years.  And she made sure she left her mark on Jersey City, Hoboken, NYC, and the other boroughs.

Unfortunately, some of DMREM’s clients in downtown Jersey City were hit pretty hard.  Pictured above is a 3 unit building that we manage on Mercer Street, opposite City Hall, that got hammered.  During the storm, tenants say the water was flowing in the street like a river.  The water level reached the side view mirrors of most mid-sized cars parked on the street.  Our client’s basement was full and the first living level above got a foot of water.  Needless to say, the basement had to be gutted and all of the mechanical sysems and electrical equipment housed down there had to be replaced.  Fortunately, the water receded quickly, so the first floor apartment had minimal damage.   We refinished the hardwood floors, painted the place, and just to be safe, replaced all of the electrical receptacles that got wet.  We somehow revived the refrigerator and the stove too.  When all was said and done, the repair toll reached $30,000.   The owner didn’t have flood insurance; A –  because the area wasn’t considered a flood zone and B – because there was no history of flooding.

DMREM was on site the day after the storm to start pumping out the 4 feet of water that remained in the basement and start demoing the sheetrock and insulation.  We got the basement cleaned out in 2 days.  Then we ran a giant kerosene heater to dry everything out in order to prevent structural damage and mold growth.  After that, we focused on contracting a plumber and an electrician to restore electricity, heat, and hot water to the building.  We also had to contend with the blown up transformers and downed power lines, so we were at the mercy of PSE&G.  Fortunately they worked fast and didn’t hold us up too much.  Once we knew that the utility work was being handled, we worked by generator and started renovating the first floor apartment.  In total, the tenants of the building were displaced for 3 weeks and not a day more.  This was not one of my favorite projects, but definitely one I will not forget any time soon.

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