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Fire Escape Refurbishment

Fire Escapes are very important building components that are often neglected.  In the state of NJ, that won’t be the case for much longer.  There is a statewide mandate for municipalities to regularly inspect and certify these all important, life-saving structures. In Jersey City, the Fire Department has an initiative to have every fire escape inspected within the […]

DMREM takes on Trolley House Lofts

D&M Real Estate Management is proud to announce the acquisition of its newest client, the Trolley House Lofts

306 Second Street Condo

The 306 Second Street Condominium Association signed a management agreement with D&M Real Estate Management in March of 2009.  Although the founders of D&M have been managing their own properties for almost a decade, this was their first paying client. This 9-unit condo building was converted from an apartment building in 1987 and then abandoned […]