Michael and Donna Milia, a brother and sister team, are the primary principals of D&M Real Estate Management LLC.  They started investing in real estate and managing their own properties over a decade ago and have been at it ever since.

Michael holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering, but has found his calling as a Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur.  During his youth, Michael spent the summers working for his father’s construction company, developing a broad understanding of all facets of building construction and maintenance.  After graduating college, he gained extensive experience as an Information Technology professional in corporate America before venturing out on his own to create and operate various small businesses, including D&M Real Estate Management.  One thing that has remained constant throughout Michael’s professional career is his interest and commitment to investing in, developing, and managing real estate.

Donna holds a BS in Accounting, and is a Certified Pubic Accountant (CPA).  She shares Michael’s entrepreneurial spirit and love of real estate, and brings her knowledge of accounting and finance to D&M.