CondominiumD&M Real Estate provides a number of services to assist you, the owner, in managing your real estate effectively and efficiently, thus allowing you to earn the greatest return on your investment.

These services include: Administrative, Finance & Accounting, Property Maintenance, Repair & Capital Improvements, and Rental & Sales.


D&M is meticulous about the administration of your property.  We’ll take the lead and leverage our experience to make sure that your business is always in order.

• Attend Board/Owner Meetings
• Prepare Agenda for Meetings & Keep Minutes
• Maintain an Ongoing To-Do List
• Create Requests for Proposal
• Obtain Bids from Contractors & Vendors
• Manage the Work of Contractors & Vendors
• Maintain Insurance Policies
• Renew Licenses & Permits
• Ensure Building and Mechanicals are Inspected and Registered
• Maintain Good Tenant Relations
• Collect Dues and Rents
• Issue Late Fee Notices
• Issue Memorandum
• Implement and Enforce Building Policies
• Interpret and Amend Master Deed & By-Laws

D&M provides a number of financial services to assist you in understanding the financial state of your property.  Our goal is to maintain good, clean books and provide our clients with current, accurate and understandable information that will allow them to easily account for every dollar spent or saved.

We’ll set up and maintain accounts with utility companies (gas, electric, oil, water/sewer), special service companies (garbage/recycling, fire alarm, security alarm, elevator, pest control, locksmith, etc.) and city, county and state regulatory bodies.  We will collect all rents and dues, pay all bills, reconcile all accounts, and produce a comprehensive financial package that includes the following:

• Bank Account Reconciliation
• Income & Expense Statement
• Balance Sheet Statement
• Aging Receivables Report

In addition, we compile all information necessary for your tax preparer…Or our CPA will file your tax return.

We also perform a year-end financial review and prepare an Annual Budget for the upcoming year.


To help you maintain the value of your property, it’s imperative that Regular Maintenance services be performed.  We provide a wide range of regular maintenance services depending on your property’s needs.  D&M’s principals take a hands-on approach to managing even the smallest of tasks.  We personally perform routine checks on weekly cleaning and maintenance and are always on-site to monitor the quality of any repair or project work.

Some of the Regular Maintenance services we offer include:

• trash & recyclables management
• clean windows & doors
• vacuum, sweep, mop common interior areas
• sweep common exterior areas
• change light bulbs & alarm batteries


• inspect common interior and exterior areas
• exterminate household pests

• inspect roof and gutters


• inspect boilers & furnaces
• inspect fire alarm and sprinkler systems
• inspect elevators

As Needed
• carpet cleaning
• touch up spackle & paint
• snow removal/de-icing
• change locks

D&M can handle most basic carpentry, electrical, plumbing, masonry, and roofing repair work.  If a job is beyond the scope of our capability or is a sizeable project, D&M will obtain bids from outside vendors and give you the opportunity to weigh in on the decision as to who should perform the work.

For planned capital improvement projects, D&M will create a statement of work and obtain competitive bids from licensed and insured contractors. Again the decision will be yours.

No matter how large or small a project, D&M will always manage it to satisfactory completion. 

D&M’s primary goal is to keep your property rented for the highest possible rent.  We will proactively market your property directly to consumers as well as to our network of realtors and real estate professionals to ensure the lowest possible vacancy factor.

When it comes to selling your property or exchanging it for another investment, we can help.  We will assess the value of your property based on a cash flow model and a comparable sales comparison.  If you wish to sell it “by owner”, then we’ll assist you in your effort.  And if you want to list your property with a reputable realtor, D&M can refer you to a number of qualified sales professionals.